Goat of Mendes

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Founded in 1994, this German band, named after the goat-headed god of the witches, was probably one of the first in the scene to combine atmospheric Heavy Metal Music with lyrics inspired by Wiccan Paganism.
Over the past 23 years, GOM released five albums and one demo, which were highly acclaimed in the international underground scene by fans, the Wiccan / Pagan community and press alike. Untouched by any current trends, GOM always delivered their own, unique style of Heavy Metal. Influenced by all styles of true Heavy Metal, be it classic HM, Thrash, Black, Death or Doom, razor sharp guitar play and the archetypical highly variable vocal delivery, GOM successfully created their own niche within the vast and crowded Metal scene.
With the current line-up, gathered around founding members Surtur (lead vocals) and Marco (guitar & vox), GOM have enriched their already unique style by integrating even more elements of heavy, yet melodic twin guitar work, thunderous drumming, awesome leads and variable, charismatic vocals.
Even though the bands concept is deeply rooted within Paganism and Witchcraft, due to the personal philosophical background of main lyricist Surtur, the style, sound and lyrical message of GOM differs remarkably from what is now broadly known as „Pagan Metal“. GOM is pure, fucking Metal with Wiccan lyrics – Wiccan Metal - nothing else, nothing less.
GOM are eager to consolidate their style even further with their upcoming sixth album „Hagzussa – Riding The Fence“,due to be released next year on the aptly named German label „Witches Brew Records“.
After the elaborate, experimental and sometimes rather complex concept of the last album „Consort Of The Dying God“, the band will now take a bold step back towards their own roots.
On "Hagzussa - Riding the Fence", GOM dispense with the use of any guest instruments, such as keyboards or violins, but concentrate their focus purely on what Metal is all about. Crunching 80ies-style guitar riffs meet blasting drums, dominant bass lines and even darker vocals; all of this crowned by a natural and unvarnished production, like a fist right in the listeners face.
Just listen to songs like the blasting Thrash anthem "Maiden, Mother, Crone", the menacing "The Crow Of War" or the catchy "Samhain - A Visit From Beyond The Veil" and you know instantly, that the Goat is back to bewitch you once again the Metal way...

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